How we think is at least as important as what we think.

Owen Barfield

The emergence of a new form of thinking may be crucial to the survival of human beings.

Albert Einstein

The Thinking Centre was launched in Clonmel, Ireland, in 2015 and is the initiative of Eddie O’Brien.

The word thinking is being used here to mean much more than just its intellectual function. One of its meanings is to refer to the importance of thinking for oneself, rather than a form of thinking that simply reflects the thinking of others. Respect for difference is one of the key requirements for new understanding and new meaning to emerge between people. In short, the Thinking Centre represents an invitation to explore the art of generative thinking and to explore the nature of the obstacles that can get in the way of this. 

Since completing his Psychology Masters in Consciousness Studies at Antioch University in the U.S., Eddie O’Brien has presented numerous talks and seminars on the subjects of communication and

transformation and has had numerous articles published.

He is the director and a trustee of the international educational charity, the Metamorphic Association, and is a founding trustee of the Charity, Prison Dialogue.

The Nature of Prejudice
and its many different forms. A Talk by Eddie O’Brien
Thursday 15th February 2018
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A New Form of Intelligence
its importance for the wellbeing of the individual and organisations. A Talk by Eddie O’Brien
Thursday. 31st March March 2016
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Great Minds Don’t Think Alike
and why people try to impose their views on others. A Talk by Eddie O’Brien
Wed. 7th October 2015
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